April 2, 2014

Happy Spring. Finally.


I see that I missed posting a blog in March – I guess I was feeling snowed under! My featured pic is Sauble Beach – March 21, 2014 – contributed by Joanne Veerman. I have no reason to squeak one complaint.


 first days of spring - march 2014 014

The upside of this long and bitterly cold winter that we all endured is that I have been blessedly busy with my career. So busy I did not have time to skip down to a warm island for a hit of vitamin D. When not chained to my desk, I was committed to Choir Choir Choir  – a weekly event to keep my vocal chords warm and a monthly book club to remind me that there is more to read than art history and criticism.


I did manage to bundle up and visit a few openings. Michael Davidson and Jordan Broadworth at General Hardware Contemporary. Sarah Anne Johnson at Stephen Bulger and an informative lecture on Kabuki prints at The Japan Foundation.




Enjoy the early days of spring. See you the first of May!

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