July 1, 2013 Happy Canada Day

July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!!!!


 June – my favourite month of the year.

 It has been a busy 4 weeks with work and openings and birthdays and anniversaries. The city is abuzz with Luminato and the Jazz Festival but I seem to find myself overwhelmed with the large venues and happily stumble across the many hidden and not so hidden gems of this town.

 I mentioned last month my pleasant surprise with the public art commitment at Concord Place – yes another vast condo complex in this ever-expanding metropolis. On a rainy June 6, I attended a wonderfully intimate celebration of the unveiling of Maha Mustafa’s ‘Approaching Red’. I highly recommend taking the time to walk around this area – slightly isolated but the display of public art makes it a destination within the core.



Other newly discovered artspots this month…

Interaccess – http://www.interaccess.org/

Current exhibit Googleheim is well worth the visit.

MKG127 – http://www.mkg127.com/

 O’Born Contemporary – happened to enter and engage The Tea Party http://www.oborncontemporary.com/exhibitions/2013_AFTP.html

Met with Julie Voyce. She demonstrated her new 4 colour prints. Julie’s work is on exhibit in Paris right now. http://palaisdetokyo.com/en/nouvelles-vagues-program


On June 23rd, The Varley Art Gallery, hosted a panel discussion Painting Today: Beyond the Canvas, with artists:  Nicole Collins, Francine Savard, Vanessa Maltese with John Kissick as moderator in conjunction with the stellar exhibit The Plasticiens and Beyond, Montreal 1955-70. If you want to know more about The Plasticiens please take the time to visit the Varley. I have also included a link from Canadian Art interview with Roald Nasgaard.



And the month wound up on the evening of June 27th in my first participation in Artspin. What a delight!!! So well organized yet relaxed, a gentle adventure on your bicycles. Thank you to Rui and his co-horts – what a wonderful activity.  We enjoyed performance/choreography, art gallery and studio tours. Just plain community fun. Looking forward to the next one.  http://www.artspin.ca/

 Image 2


Art and Culture flourishes in Toronto – despite the current state of ridiculous politics.


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2 Responses to July 1, 2013 Happy Canada Day

  1. Michael says:

    I expected you to be the last one promoting CityPlace. Their sales team should be paying you!

    How is it almost August already?

    • admin says:

      No they are not paying me:) I have been surprised by my appreciation for the vast complex of buildings myself. It may not be my first choice to live, but it is for many and the fact that the area is well used by the community is a testament to the the inclusion of public art as a great way to make public space accessible to all. You should check it out if you have not been there already. Or I can take you for a walking tour.

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