March 2013

denis joffre my big sky detail iphoto

denis joffre my big sky detail iphoto

I was very interested and happy to read an article by Leah McLaren in The Globe and Mail (March 9, 2013) about the Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London, U.K. The Dulwich Picture Gallery was instrumental in promoting the iconic Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven in 2011/2012 exhibit, ‘Painting Canada’, within Europe. And now there is talk of Emily Carr and David Milne exhibits at the Dulwich in the future. Finally some much appreciated and well-deserved international attention! The Dulwich Picture Gallery’ artist in residence this year is Canadian Liz Charsley-Jory, known for her landscapes of her homeland. Yes, landscapes – a strong Canadian tradition – and a tireless debate in academic circles – the persistence of the myth, the absence of people – specifically first nations – and industry in those pastoral and majestic idyllic scenes. Keep the discussion up, I say. Personally, I still find a little peace of mind when gazing at a horizon line – whether it be the real thing or visual impression on the two dimensional surface. And as I find it increasingly difficult to catch that elusive horizon out of my condo unit – I will take it anyway I can.

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  1. Adriane says:

    Long live the abstract Canadian landscape, I say! My favorite.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Adriane! Happy to hear you are still enjoying your Canadian Landscape paintings in Portland.

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